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You need crawl space waterproofing in New Orleans, no matter your property’s age, condition, or size! Moisture collects in the space without proper crawl space drainage and other protection. Your structure might soon suffer wood rot and framing damage, mold, rusted building materials, and other costly issues. Our Better Foundation Repair New Orleans crew can explain these risks in greater detail!

Waterproofing a crawl space foundation helps protect against this expensive damage while ensuring a clean, dry space. In turn, you can use the crawl space for storage or access a structure’s underside more easily. Also, that waterproofing keeps moisture from seeping into interior spaces, avoiding mold, mildew, and dampness.

With this in mind, why not call our team and schedule your FREE waterproofing installation price quote? We’ll perform a full inspection and then explain your options for waterproofing under a house or other structure. We’re also happy to discuss our guarantees and warranties! So to get your property started on expert waterproofing, call our team today.

A home needing crawl space waterproofing New Orleans.
Encapsulation used for crawl space waterproofing.

Why Invest in Crawl Space Waterproofing Services?

If you’ve been putting off crawl space waterproofing, it might be helpful to consider some benefits of this service. Also, you can call us anytime to find out more about needed waterproofing for your property.

  • Waterproofing prevents damage to a structure’s underside, pier, and beam foundation materials. This damage includes structural wood rot, rusted pipes, and ruined electrical wiring.
  • Expert waterproofing keeps moisture from seeping into your home or other structure. This prevents interior mold growth, mildew under carpeting, and damp floors.
  • Keeping moisture out of a crawl space and interior spaces also reduces musty odors.
  • Encapsulation and vapor barriers ensure a clean, dry space for easier access to a structure’s underside.
  • Never store anything in the crawl space without full-scale waterproofing! In addition, proper drainage and other preventative measures protect items you might keep in that space.
  • In some cases, waterproofing increases property values. At the least, it can prevent your property from losing weight due to pier and beam foundation damage.

Don't hesitate to call us for more information about how crawl space repair and waterproofing protect your property.

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What Are Your Crawl Space Waterproofing Options?

Property owners often wonder about their crawl space waterproofing options and the best choice. Your foundation repair contractor can explain the proper method for your property. However, in the meantime, note some standard treatment options for crawl space repair and waterproofing:

  • Complete encapsulation means attaching a thick tarp to all exposed areas and materials in the crawl space. This tarp blocks moisture and provides a dry surface around the crawl space.
  • A vapor barrier is like encapsulation but includes a tarp on the ground. While these barriers aren’t as effective as encapsulation, they’re typically more affordable.
  • French drains include a series of underground PVC pipes, which trap soil moisture. Then, the pipes direct that moisture away from the structure’s crawl space.
  • A dehumidifier traps airborne moisture and then drains it away from the structure.
  • Sump pumps are excellent for areas prone to flooding. These trap water in a pit and then pump that moisture to a nearby drain or runoff point.

Also, note that your foundation repair contractor might suggest more than one solution. For instance, your property might need a vapor barrier and a French drain for maximum protection.

Prep work for crawl space waterproofing.
Cleaning done before crawl space waterproofing.

Your Best Choice for Crawl Space Waterproofing in New Orleans

When you need crawl space waterproofing in New Orleans, why call the team here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans? One reason to trust us is that foundation repair and waterproofing are all we do! Two, we start every project with a FREE price quote, so you have nothing to lose by contacting our crew.

Also, we stand behind our work, guaranteeing every waterproofing job for both labor and materials. We use only the most durable waterproofing options on the market today. In turn, you know that work will last, and your structure protected for years!

For all these reasons, why not call our team for your no-cost price quote and consultation? We’re happy to answer any other questions you have about foundation repair and waterproofing. To find out more about what your property’s crawl space needs, give us a call today!



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