Why Invest In New Orleans Basement Waterproofing for Your Property

Basement Waterproofing New Orleans | Protect Your Home!

Protect your home with basement waterproofing New Orleans by the pros here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans. Waterproofing basement walls protect them from premature moisture damage, including cracking, while keeping interior spaces clean and dry. Additionally, interior basement waterproofing often reduces or even eliminates musty odors in the space as well as dampness along floors. Exterior basement waterproofing also keeps concrete walls and floors in excellent condition throughout the years!

If you’re considering a DIY basement drainage system or other waterproofing solution, call us instead! Many store-bought solutions offer ineffective protection against moisture seeping through basement walls and floors. Additionally, exterior waterproofing means excavation and other prep work requiring expertise and heavy-duty equipment designed for the job! Above all, we guarantee our services for quality and durability and put that promise in writing.

With this in mind, why not fill out our short contact form or just give us a call? We’ll explain your options and help you decide the best solution for your home. Also, we’re happy to answer all your foundation repair and waterproofing questions along the way! To get your property started, don’t hesitate to call our customer care team right now.

Materials used for basement waterproofing New Orleans.
A nearly finished space after basement waterproofing.

Why Choose Basement Waterproofing for Your Property

Basement waterproofing isn’t always the cheapest investment for your property, but it’s one of the best decisions you can make! Why call us for expert waterproofing and wet basement repair for your home or commercial structure? Check out a few reasons why this is a great choice for your property:

  • Moisture is typically the leading cause of foundation damage, including basement walls and floors. In turn, waterproofing protects those materials from premature cracking, chipping, spalling, and other costly repairs.
  • Waterproofing is vital before finishing your property’s basement space! Without professional waterproofing, moisture might soon damage drywall, floor tiles, paint, and other materials.
  • Damp basements often mean unpleasant musty odors. Consequently, high-quality waterproofing ensures a more welcoming space, without bothersome odors.
  • Also, damp basements risk damage to anything stored in that space. This can include rusted appliances or water-damaged papers, clothes, and sporting goods. On the other hand, waterproofing helps ensure a clean, dry space, ready for storage.
  • Floorboards tend to absorb moisture trapped in a basement. As a result, floors become rotted and spongy, and mildew might develop underneath the carpeting. Expert waterproofing protects against these risks.
  • Trapped moisture in basements attracts insects and rodents looking for a water source. A high-quality basement drainage system and waterproofing repel unwanted pests.

To find out more about waterproofing benefits for your property, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate and inspection. We’re also happy to explain your basement’s condition and any needed waterproofing or repairs.

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Is It Time for Basement Waterproofing on Your Property?

Basement waterproofing is an excellent choice for preventative maintenance. However, it’s especially vital if your property is prone to trapped moisture and resultant damage. Wet basement repair, along with a drainage system, corrects this issue and keeps basement walls and floors dry and strong. Call us right away if you notice any signs of excessive moisture or water damage in your property’s basement, including:

  • Obvious cracks along basement walls and floors
  • Damp walls and floors, and especially standing water on the floor
  • Musty or mildew odors in the basement
  • Damage to items stored in the space, including rust along household appliances
  • Rotted floorboards overhead and damaged framing along basement walls
  • Chalky substances along basement walls or flooring
  • Basement walls obviously bowing inward
  • Mold along walls on the property’s first floor
  • Mildew underneath carpets on the property’s first floor
  • Rotted framing around basement windows and other openings

Also, remember that a full inspection is the best choice for determining a property’s condition overall! In turn, you can call us for a FREE basement foundation inspection and needed repair quote at any time. We’ll schedule a convenient appointment that works around you. To find out more, contact our customer care team today.

Materials used for exterior basement waterproofing.
Materials used for basement waterproofing.

What Makes Us #1 in the Basement Waterproofing Industry

When it’s time for basement waterproofing for a New Orleans property, never settle for anyone less than the best! That means turning to the trained, reliable crew here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans. Even general contractors don’t have the skills and expertise our crew offers when it’s time for repairs and waterproofing. What makes us #1 in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing industry?

First, we have years of experience in providing outstanding basement repair and preventative waterproofing services. Second, we never start a project without first scheduling a full-scale inspection, so we never overlook a detail. Third, we stand behind every job we take on with an industry-leading warranty, and we put that promise in writing! Additionally, we use only the highest-grade materials for patching and needed waterproofing services.

Also, our foundation contractors are always happy to answer all your questions about foundations and basements every step of the way. We know that scheduling basement repair is often overwhelming, so we endeavor to take the stress out of the process. Above all, we always treat every property as we would want our own to be treated. So, why keep putting off that call? Contact us right now for your no-cost basement inspection and waterproofing price quote.



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What Can Our Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Contractors Do for You?

Better Foundation Repair New Orleans is the company to call for all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs. We offer a full range of foundation fixes including minor crack patching, leak repair, and bowing basement wall repair.

Additionally, our team can tackle needed underpinning and house leveling as well as commercial slab jacking. We also ensure expert pier and beam and crawlspace repairs, keeping your property level and even and in good condition.

Also, call us for needed waterproofing, including full foundation waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. Our team is happy to inspect your property and offer expert suggestions for maintenance and foundation repairs. Above all, we guarantee every project in writing. To get your property started, just fill out our contact form or give us a call!

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