What Makes Us the Best Choice for Slab Jacking in New Orleans

Is It Time for Slab Jacking in New Orleans, LA?

Slab jacking in New Orleans is an excellent investment and often needed for sinking, settling foundations. Foundation leveling by the crew here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans returns a sunken structure to its proper position. Additionally, concrete lifting helps close up cracks and leaks, for a stronger and more secure structure.

Slab jacking foundation repair isn’t as expensive and intrusive as many property owners assume. In turn, it can be a great solution for your property’s damaged basement or concrete slab. House leveling also protects your property’s value over time, keeping damage from getting worse.

So, why keep putting off needed commercial or house leveling for your property? Call our expert crew today to find out more about what mud jacking can do for you. We offer FREE consultations and price quotes, so don’t hesitate to call us right now!

A home needing slab jacking in New Orleans.
Wall cracks indicating needed slab jacking.

Does Your Property Need Professional Slab Jacking?

A full-scale inspection is the best choice for determining if your property needs slab jacking. However, you might also note signs of foundation sinking around your property:

  • Uneven surfaces including sloping floors and door and window frames pulled out of level
  • Wall cracks, ceiling cracks, and leaks around concrete floors
  • Buckled floor tiles and obvious bulges along floors
  • Damaged grout between brick along exterior surfaces
  • Roof leaks and cracks; persistent plumbing clogs and leaks

Additionally, your foundation repair contractor can alert you to damage around your property that indicates needed leveling. He or she can check for level and even surfaces as well as cracks and leaks. In turn, you can schedule repairs when needed!

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Don’t Put Off Needed New Orleans Slab Jacking!

If you’ve been putting off needed slab jacking in New Orleans, it’s time to make that call! The longer you avoid needed foundation repair, the worse that damage gets. In turn, a sinking structure tends to continue settling over the years. Consequently, your eventual repairs get even more costly the longer you avoid them.

Additionally, foundation damage and sinking tend to lower property values. If you put off those needed fixes, you could then lose equity in your property. Eventually your property might also fail to meet local building codes!

To avoid all these risks, call us at the first sign of foundation damage. We’ll schedule a full-scale, FREE inspection and price quote. To get your property started, call us right now!

Cinder block cracks indicating needed slab jacking.
A contractor preparing for slab jacking in New Orleans.

What Makes Us the Right Choice for Slab Jacking

With so many foundation repair companies in the area, why call us for needed slab jacking? One reason to call us here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans is our 20 years of experience! Two, we start every project with a full-scale inspection so that we don’t overlook any detail.

Above all, we guarantee our work and put that promise in writing. Consequently, you know you can trust our repairs to last. Our team also answers all your questions every step of the way.

With this in mind, why not call us for your no-cost, no-hassle price quote? We’ll get your property started on the expert leveling it needs to have done. For more information, contact us right now!



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