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House leveling in New Orleans is an excellent choice for returning a sunken home to a level and even position. House leveling, also called slab jacking, for properties is also more affordable than homeowners might realize, and involves little excavation or disruption to your property.

Leveling a house foundation involves injecting a type of slurry or foam, usually the consistency of grout, underneath a damaged or weak foundation. As that material dries, it hardens and pushes the structure back into a level position, while also providing support for the foundation and keeping it strong and stable.

To find out more about foundation leveling in New Orleans, call the pros here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans. We offer FREE, no-hassle consultations, and stand behind all our work with a full guarantee you can trust. To get started with your needed foundation repairs or slab jacking, call us today.

A contractor inspecting a home needing house leveling in New Orleans.
Tools needed for house leveling in New Orleans.

Why Choose House Leveling in New Orleans

Consistent foundation repairs and waterproofing can keep that foundation in good condition for years, but if you’ve neglected needed maintenance, it might be time for house leveling in New Orleans! Once a foundation suffers severe cracks and weakening, the home might begin to sink and settle, often suffering interior and exterior wall cracks, buckled floors, and other such damage.

Patching and other simple fixes might be insufficient for correcting this damage, but slab jacking in New Orleans can return a home to its original level and even position. Leveling a home can help close up those secondary cracks and buckling, making patching and other repairs easier.

 For expert house leveling in New Orleans, call the pros here at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans. We offer a wide range of house leveling services, using only the most reliable, durable materials designed for strength and stability. For more information, call us today!

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Stop Putting Off Needed House Leveling in New Orleans!

The longer you put off needed house leveling in New Orleans, the more damage your home will suffer! As a house continues to sink and settle, it pulls on interior and exterior surfaces, leading to severe wall and ceiling cracks, damaged door frames and window frames, and buckled roofing materials. Sinking and settling can also pull plumbing fixtures and gutters out of position, risking water damage to the home.

If left untreated, sinking can also make your home structurally unstable, as walls and ceiling tiles can eventually crumble. Cracks and gaps also allow in moisture that risks mold growth, wood rot, unsightly stains, and insect infestation. The longer you ignore these needed fixes, the more extensive and costlier they become to repair.

To protect your home from further structural damage, call Better Foundation Repair New Orleans for expert foundation leveling in Louisiana. We begin every project with a full inspection, ensuring quality repairs that last. Our team also makes sure all your questions are answered, every step of the way. To find out more, give us a call right now!

A contractor inspecting a house needing house leveling in New Orleans.
Contractors finishing after house leveling in New Orleans.

Why Call Better Foundation Repair New Orleans for Slab Jacking

Better Foundation Repair New Orleans is the company to call for all your needed slab jacking in New Orleans. We have over 20 years of industry experience and can quickly and easily spot signs of foundation damage even deep within concrete slabs.

We also use only the highest-grade, most dependable materials, designed and built to last. Our foundation repair team works diligently to provide expert repairs with minimal disruption to your property or busy schedule, and explains the house leveling or slab jacking process so you know what to expect!

We are also fully licensed and insured, and specialize in a wide range of residential and commercial foundation repairs, waterproofing, and full-service house leveling. To find out more or schedule your FREE, no-obligation, no-hassle consultation, call the pros at Better Foundation Repair New Orleans today.



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"Would recommend Better Foundation New Orleans to anyone needing foundation services! They scheduled our estimate quickly and came out to give a free estimate. Their staff is very professional and informed us every step of our foundation repair process! We are so happy that we chose them for the job!"
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Foundation & Waterproofing Services Available

Better Foundation Repair New Orleans is the company to call for all your New Orleans foundation repair needs. If you spot cracks in your structure’s foundation, call us right away! We also provide expert basement and crawlspace waterproofing, helping keep spaces dry and protected while reducing the risk of mold growth and insect infestation.

At Better Foundation Repair New Orleans, we also provide expert crawlspace encapsulation, which creates a clean and dry space underneath the home. Encapsulation repels water and protects the foundation and home’s underside from wood rot and mold, and much more. For more information about our foundation repair services, call us today!

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Protect Your Structure With the Highest-Rated Foundation Repair in New Orleans!

Protect your home or business from structural damage, framing rot, cracks and leaks, water damage, and mold growth with the highest-rated foundation repair in New Orleans. Also providing full-scale waterproofing and house leveling. Call us at (504) 766-3900
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